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Colleen is a top professional and brings a wealth of market expertise that makes her the best real estate agent we’ve ever worked with. She truly listened to what we were looking for, was proactive in ensuring we were always well informed, and provided incredible advice that was the difference between us buying our dream home and losing out in a very hot market. Finally, she also comes with a great list of contacts for renovations and updates that has made the post-home process also seamless. We could not recommend enough – truly above and beyond as an agent and as a person. If you need to buy/sell a home in or around Boston you won’t find a better agent. All the best, Colleen

~ Thomas & Hilary S

We all know that the Boston Symphony has some fantastic conductors, however, Colleen Kelly is the Maestro Extraordinaire of Real Estate. Her work with, and for us, was exemplary. We first met Colleen at an Open House that we attended, as we were contemplating a move back to Boston. She immediately impressed us with her friendly and engaging manner, knowledge of the property in the area that we were interested in, and her interest in listening about what we were looking for. After attending the Open House, we agreed that Colleen was the real estate agent that we wanted to work with, we wanted her on our team. We had our first meeting with Colleen in her Newton Office; her enthusiasm and interest in working with us to find our new home was beyond compare. She spent a lot of time getting to know us, talking about what we wanted in terms of a new home and talking about the move back to Boston; she wanted to get to know us so that she could try to find the perfect match for our home. Colleen is an extremely energetic and positive individual, who worked tirelessly for us from start to finish. We quickly found a property that we really wanted and Colleen walked us through the the initial offer and purchase and sale like a real pro. She seamlessly walked us through the entire buying process in a very calm and methodical manner. She made what could have been a stressful process into a pleasant experience. Colleen was there every step of the way. She has tremendous resources and an extensive referral network; she was able to provide recommendations for home inspectors, plumbers, electricians, etc…..just about anyone you may need, Colleen could provide you with a variety of excellent referrals. In addition, the mortgage company that she recommended and the closing attorney were also exceptional. Since our move, Colleen has been in touch with us on several occasions; she is a very thoughtful, caring person and an exceptional real estate professional. It is our pleasure to highly recommend Colleen; she is wonderful to work with.

~ Bennet E And Barbara D

If I could, I would give Colleen an “11” on a scale of 1 to 10. I am not gushing; I am just comparing Colleen to other real estate agents I’ve worked with in the past. Colleen represented me in both the sale of my home and the purchase of my condo. Colleen did an excellent job in the marketing and presentation and pricing of my home. She sold my home for $50,000 over asking as she knew how to best price it. And, I am extremely pleased with the results. Instead of giving me a task list, she handled most everything herself. She was on top of all the details, meticulous and communicative. The result was to make the whole experience as stress-free as possible. Thanks, Colleen.

~ Elly L.

Colleen will do an outstanding job of selling your home; she’s completely professional, knows the craft cold, and won’t waste your time telling you what your house isn’t worth or ignoring opportunities to put the greatest number of qualified buyers in its presence. Instead, she’ll call it as she sees it, drawing from years of experience. She’ll earn every penny of her commission and more, and ensure that no detail is overlooked. Our property was on the market for barely a week, we received 4 qualified offers and were able to sell it $50K over asking. If I had another property available to sell now, I wouldn’t hesitate to have her represent me.

~ R. Hale Shaw/Cambridge

Colleen was a great agent to work with. She made the investment in time and resources to ensure that our house sale was successful. We received two offers as a result of our first open house and closed on our house for the amount we had asked for. I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone looking to sell their house professionally and tastefully. Best to you

~ Rob And Laurel Howe

Colleen Kelly’s years of experience and success in corporate sales, coaching, and real estate made her the perfect real estate broker for my very complicated real estate transaction. After seriously considering several less than ideal homes, Colleen found a house that seemed to have everything we had been wanting – a well constructed, modern, and well maintained home with a nice backyard and pool. At the open house two days later we immediately fell cautiously in love with the house, recognizing by the number in attendance that it could be a very competitive bidding process. Colleen was determined to give me the best chance for making this house my home. She recommended preparing a competitive offer for immediate submittal that night. So we went to the nearest restaurant where she wrote up the offer and obtained an updated preapproval letter from our mortgage broker despite the fact that he was in the midst of dinner. In less than five hours from viewing the house, we had submitted a fully documented, competitive offer. The next day, complications arose when one of the two sellers signed the offer and the other would not, due to differences between the two of them. In the meantime, another offer was presented to the sellers complicating the situation even further. Throughout this stressful process, Colleen remained steady and steadfast in her efforts to close the deal for me. She provided a compelling argument for why the sellers should accept our offer despite the other being higher, but with more contingencies. She also convinced the seller’s agent that working with her would result in the most desirable outcome for all concerned. Driven by Colleen’s patience, persistence, skillful negotiating and expert relationship building, the offer was finally signed by the reluctant seller two weeks later. These qualities of Colleen, applied over the 11 weeks from offer to closing, ensured that I would overcome numerous other obstacles along the way. For her, obstacles were opportunities to be pursued in a positive, professional manner. Even when I was discouraged, Colleen never was. She bolstered my confidence and really helped me until the end of our transaction. I would highly recommend Colleen. She will go above and beyond and more. She brought honesty, integrity and commitment to my home-buying process. I am so grateful for everything she did for me and my family.

~ Alexas & Frank H./Newburyport

It had been over 11 years since I was in the real estate market and I wanted to buy some investment property. I knew I wanted somebody really good at their job.Enter Colleen Kelly. She is a real estate agent I chose and I can recommend her 10,000%! She found me an investment property that I also call my home in a beautiful neighborhood that I love and that allows me to pursue my musical passion in a dedicated basement music studio. Within three months I worked with Colleen as a buyer representative, a seller agent and she found me tenants for my investment property. Timing was crucial because I had to sell my old place before buying the new place. She has a whole team to make the selling process very efficient. She has a very thorough understanding of what sells in todays’ market. I had three offers the first weekend my condo was on the market. Eventually I accepted an offer higher than asking price. During that time, she negotiated a lower price as my buyer representative. Lastly, she handled getting my investment property rented out. She helped me with design 3 ideas to update the rental units to make it attractive to renters. She handled getting all the leases signed. She has very clear ideas as to what each role she plays as a buyer representative, seller agent and rental agent. She was always three steps ahead of what needed to be done and helped me to take action to keep the ball moving. Every time I got nervous or upset during the selling, buying, renting process she was helpful and got things resolved. She created a wonderful experience and set a very high bar for all real estate agents. I’m grateful and in awe of Colleen. I hope to work with her again in not the to distant future in buying my next investment property. She is one of the smartest, positive, hard working people I’ve ever met.

~ G. De Lear/Jamaica Plain

I have worked with Colleen Kelly of Keller Williams on numerous real estate transaction over the past 6 years and have found her to be well respected, intelligent and dedicated to her clients. Colleen works diligently on all transactions, educating her clients throughout the process and zealously advocating for them so that they can get the best deal possible. She works tirelessly to get her clients over the finish line and into the home of their dreams and she is a pleasure to work with.

~ Scott Sellers/Attorney For Hornung & Scimone, LLC.

I met Colleen at one of her open house events. I clicked with her while talking about the property. I was not in a position to make an offer at that time as my relocation was not set until the start of the following year. Colleen followed up with me later that year and I was ready to buy then so I worked with her. Based on my opinions of the first showing, I knew she understood what I wanted. Colleen stood with me through a difficult closing that took almost 8 months due to manipulative tenants. She kept me sane through the worse of it. I’m very grateful to her for all the work she did for me so I could get my Boston dream home.

~ Dr. Malika Jeffries-EL – Boston

Colleen Kelly was my Real Estate agent when I was looking for a home in Boston. I cannot say enough about how wonderful she was during the extremely stressful time of simultaneously trying to sell my home and buy a new home in Boston. If I had to choose 3 adjectives to describe Colleen, they would be hardworking, efficient and loyal. Hardworking. Colleen worked 24/7. If she could not talk to me, she would text or email me to tell me when she was available. During my time with Colleen, she went on a 4 day vacation. On her way to her vacation, she called me. I had to tell her not to call me and to enjoy her vacation. That is dedication! Efficient – Colleen is always 1 step ahead of her clients. I am an extremely organized and efficient person, yet Colleen would be working on something before I even thought of it. She will lead you, guide you, hold your hand, and reassure you throughout the entire process of finding and purchasing a home. Loyal- In my case, after the purchase of my home, I still had some outstanding issues the seller needed to complete. Even though Colleen received her commission, 2 months later, she still continues to check in on the status of those issues. She is totally dedicated to her clients even after the closing!! I highly recommend Colleen Kelly to anyone looking for a Real Estate agent in the Boston area.

~ Elaine MR, Roslindale, MA

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